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Glaucoma and Cataract Unit

Glaucoma and Cataract Unit:

The Glaucoma and Cataract division at King Saud University provides the best medical and surgical care to patients with glaucoma and cataract. The division issupported by the availability of top-of-the-line multimodal imaging modalities, and state of the art laser, ultrasound and surgical instruments and devices for managing glaucoma and cataract. In addition, the division is actively involved in educating the community about glaucoma.The division is comprised of a number of Saudi consultants, with local and western experience and qualifications, who are actively teaching and providing continuous education to Medical students, Interns, Ophthalmology residents, fellows and consultants as well. A subspecialty fellowship in glaucoma and cataract was established few year ago and is accepting one glaucoma fellow every two years.

Basic science, genetics and clinical research are cornerstones of the division’s practice, which all members are actively involved in. Residents and fellows are also required to undertake at least one research project in the period of their training.

Head Of Unit

Dr. Faisal Al Mubarak

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Glaucoma and Cataract Unit