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CMRC Unit:

1- Administrative Unit:
Take care about all matters relating to the center secretarial and organizational researchers and receive requests from faculty and graduate students, and all the money related to the members of the research unit and follow the financial department and purchasing department, which is responsible for meeting the needs of researchers, which are provided based on the budgets for each search.

2. Literature Search and Medical Information
This unit provides the literature search services in the form of abstracts and full-text articles, clinical up-dates, practice guidelines.

3.  Research Assistants
CMRC provides research assistant services to all departments of the College of Medicine and teaching hospitals.  They assist researchers in various activities from data collection to data managements.

4. Statistical Assistance
Statisticians at CMRC are offering their services to all researchers.  These include advice in study design and data analysis of an increasing number of data collected for sponsored or non-sponsored studies. Currently, the plan is to develop an infrastructure of data management, epidemiologic and statistical services necessary to support researchers.

5. Research Laboratories
•Molecular Biology Lab.
1-Contains instruments for conducting molecular biology experiments including genetic analyzer, PCR, electrophoresis, gel documentation system and spectrophotometer.
2-This lab's function will include the following experimentation:
•DNA sequencing.
•PCR: traditional and Real-Time.
•Southern, Northern and polymorphism.
•Molecular cloning.

•Cell Culture Lab.
1-Contains instruments required for dealing with cells including safety cabinet, electro orator, inverted microscope, CO2 incubator and cryopreservation system.
2-This lab's function will include the following experimentation:
•Mammalian Cell Transfection.
•Gene expression and RNA interference studies.
•Protein analysis.
•Utilities Lab.
1-Contains instruments for preserving biological samples, cell and reagents.
2-Contains instruments for supplying ultrapure water required for conducting experiments.

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