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King Abdulaziz University Hospital-Research / chairs


There are research chairs special to academic specialties in KAUH, which are:

Research Chair for Hearing Disability and implantable devices:


Supervised by Dr. Abdulrahman Abdullah Hagr and aims to approach patients with hearing impairment as well as provide a high standard health care to them.To enhance the awareness of the Saudi Society about the needs of those patients and the best means to integrate them in the society to be active ingredient in the development of the country.The chair also aims at creating a solid research ground for the future generation.




Research Chair of Voice and Swallowing Disorders

Supervised by Khalid Hassan Al-Malki. It aims to achieve a cooperation and integration between King Saud University and the international and national scientific and research centers as well as to achieve a leadership for King Saud University in the service of the Saudi and Arab society and in the education of people in the chair fields. To  service the Saudi society by early diagnosis and effective management of voice and swallowing disorders, and to find the best methods for prevention of such diseases.

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Rhinology and skull base research chair:

Supervised by SURAYIE HAMAD MUBARAK AL-DOUSARY and aims to build a vibrant research community by assisting and enhancing the research process for all the faculty members and Rhinologist at KSU , to providing exceptional clinical care and teaching tomorrow's leaders and today's rhinology community. to facilitate research to support the objectives of rhinology and skull base research chair at KSU and to address contemporary issues of the rhinology , allergy and skull base disorders. the success of our mission depend on quality of research relevant to the rhinology disorder of KSA, the level of accountability as measured against international standards as by the effective partnership built by KSU at home and abroad.




Glaucoma research chair

Supervised by Saleh A. Al ،Obeidan and aims to Limiting visual disability resulted from glaucoma at KSA by using genetic engineering. Determine the genetic indicators that cause glaucoma to discover potential people in order to interfere early and attempt to prevent before occurring. Identify different genes associated with glaucoma in KSA. Find a relationship between genetics and different kinds of glaucoma. Create a data base for glaucoma's patients in KSA. Work to establish ways predict glaucoma based on genetic indictors. Study the genetic element for pre-born glaucoma.



Ophthalmology research chair:

Supervised by Prof. Ahmed abu El Asrar. One of our major objectives is to study pathophysiological mechanism of diabetic retinopathy using retinal cells culture, ex vivo retina, Type 1 and Type 2 animal models of diabetes and human vitreous and retinal samples from diabetic and non diabetic patients. The second objective is to discover molecular targets for therapeutic intervention in order to treat diabetic retinopathy at its earliest stage and the third is to study molecular immune mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of the intraocular inflammation.


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King Abdulaziz University Hospital-Research / chairs