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King Abdulaziz University Hospital-Medical Education

Medical Education Unit:


 The medical education unite in King Abdul Aziz University hospital is affined with the medical education center in college of medicine and university hospitals. However, College of Medicine and University Hospitals oversees the educational process and the training in the university hospitals and guide the trainees in order to graduate doctors on a very high level of habilitation and help them to get the best professional practice to improve their skills and their vocational and technical capabilities. And let them gain new experience .  


Our goals:


Prepare a working plan for continuing medical education programs such as:

1- Programs to improve the faculty members.

2- Develop the curricula for medical education and the Plan of post graduate programs.

3-prepare plans and proposals for research programs and publishing in medical education.

4-Coordinate with the Board of Medical Education of King Khalid University Hospital for the selection of activities to achieve the objectives of the hospital in medical education center.

5-Signed certificates of attendance and appreciation to the participants and the audience.


The unit is associated with:


1- Audi – visual unit:

  This unit undertake  the preparation, copying , registration and recording of educational and academic lectures and doing a direct recording for surgical operations and scheduling rooms throughout the year in coordination with all departments.


2-Medical photography unit:

 Its responsibility to Provides all the medical copy services for all the hospital departments and especially in the educational cases to help physicians in the diagnosis of medical conditions and follow-up. Also this department records and copy movies to use them as clarification to assist doctors during presenting lectures and scientific meetings and also archive all cases for medical and educational needs.

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King Abdulaziz University Hospital-Medical Education