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The Demonstrators and Lecturers Support Unit

The Vision of the College of Medicine at King Saud University is to be the leading medical school and healthcare provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to have a major impact on the life of the Saudi community in general, and to significantly contribute to the practice of medicine worldwide.

  The College of Medicine realizes that in order to pursue this vision there is a need to empower its future faculty members to pursue high quality Graduate and Postgraduate Education. This realization paved the way to the birth of the Demonstrator and Lecturer Support Unit on June 2012 under the supervision of Prof. Ahmed Al-Ammar, the Vice Dean for Postgraduate and Continuous Medical Education.

  The main goal of this unit is to identify promising medical students early on, to help them achieve their full potential, and to facilitate their acceptance in medical schools and universities abroad that can cater to the research and training needs of these demonstrators.

Dr. Mazen Hassanain was chosen to be the Director of this new unit. He is a humble and a dedicated leader, who is very committed to excellence. Dr. Thamer Nouh, a competent and an analytical thinker, was chosen to help Dr. Hassanain. These two doctors are very committed and focused on the development of the unit. By joining forces, they provide a vivid and clear picture of where this unit is heading and have a firm grasp on how to achieve success.

Through Dr. Hassanain's and Dr. Nouh's undertaking and direction and Prof. Al-Ammar's advocacy, the Demonstrator and Lecturer Support Unit will lead the way to produce educators, clinicians and scientists who are equipped to become the next generation of outstanding academic leaders in healthcare at King Saud University.