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Undergraduate Courses



Undergraduate Courses
 Course Code| Course Name : 473 PED, Pediatrics
The Curriculum
It is impossible to cover all topics in details in this course.  However, emphasis is put on graduating general physicians who have enough basics in pediatrics.
 Lectures and Tutorials
Series of lectures covering selected topics in pediatrics will be delivered to all students together during the whole course. Eight tutorials each will be given 4 times. Each time will include one major group (A, B, C, or D). Students are expected to come fully prepared for the tutorial sessions. The tutors were encouraged to distribute handouts to the students before the tutorials to help them prepare.
                Development and behavior in pediatrics
                Metabolic disorders
                Allergy, Immunology and immunization
                Rheumatic and autoimmune disorders
                Infectious Diseases
                Gastroenterology and hepatology
                Respiratory tract diseases
                Congenital and acquired heart diseases
                Diseases of urinary system
                Fluid, electrolytes and acid base disturbances
                Endocrine disorders






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Undergraduate Courses