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Community Service and Educational Activities


Community Service

ORL Department is committed in participating in public activities & awareness of ENT common medical problems annually, which they are:

  • Prevention of hearing loss and newborn hearing screening awareness campaign

  • Annual Forum for Cochlear Implant patients and family

  • Hearing screening and middle ear assessment campaigns

  • World Swallowing Day and World Voice Day









ENT Educational Activities:

The Department value and gives tremendous importance to the continuing medical education in the field of ORL and Head and Neck Surgery. Thus, it offers and sponsors Seminars, Courses, Conference, Workshops and Practical Sessions that are abreast in the latest development in the different fields of ORL sub-specialties. For 2018-2019 the ENT Dept. has conducted the following:



  • ENT Updates Symposium

  • Head & Neck Dissection Course

  • Sinus Surgery Course

  •  Riyadh International Bronchoesophagoscpy & Laser Course

  • Temporal Bone Dissection Course

  • Vestibular Assessment & Rehabilitation Symposium

  • Otology & Neurology Updates

  • Rhinoplasty & Otoplasty Course



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