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We are a basic Science Department in the College of Medicine at King Saud University. We try to provide the most comprehensive information about us to better serve our visitors, faculty, staff, and students.

Our aim is excellence in teaching and research, within a working environment that is welcoming and supportive for both students and staff. Among our recent developments is the change from classical teaching to system based curriculum teaching for all courses in the pre-medical stage. We teach many courses of Gross Anatomy and Basic Histology for Pharmacy, Nursing and Applied Medical Sciences students. In addition, we teach Neuroscience courses to Applied Medical Sciences students with the collaboration of Department of Physiology.

The Department is very interactive. There are several series of regular seminars in (Neuroscience, Cell & Developmental Biology, Evolution, History of Medicine and 'Exploring Science and Society') in addition to the internal seminars of the Centre for Cell & Molecular Dynamics and another internal series run by the postdoctoral and postgraduate students. Postgraduate students are regularly monitored by a small committee of experts in the field, which also stimulates interactions between labs. Several laboratories also run joint journal clubs and group meetings, and there are numerous collaborations both with the Department and across the Faculty.

The Department of Anatomy is now entering one of the most exciting periods in its distinguished history. Traditionally the department's teaching efforts were focused on the core of anatomical courses taught to medical students and, in keeping with its name, the Department's research had historically emphasized studies of anatomical structure. However, in recent years hiring of talented new faculty, development of graduate courses beyond the medical curriculum and an upgrading core facilities have transformed the Department into a modern center for research in cellular, molecular, neural and developmental biology. Joint appointments of faculty and participation in interdisciplinary graduate programs in the neurosciences, genetics and cell and molecular biology have created links between the Anatomy Department and Recognized Regionally and Internationally Universities and Centers,. These links within and beyond the Department have been strengthened by the department's participation in International Conferences, Societies, and  wide interdisciplinary research groups .

The researchers make use of cutting edge technology ranging from dynamic high resolution imaging of cytoplasm structures inside living cells to manipulation of genes regulating development of cells and organs to single cell recording in the brains of behaving animals. The Anatomy Department is also strongly committed to continued hiring of faculty in areas involving translational and stem cell research which is relevant to the goal of curing disease. In the future, planned new facilities, recruitment of talented faculty and development of innovative teaching and research programs will ensure the department's vitality as a center of modern biology.  

Further details concerning these and other aspects of the Department may be found in the rest of this website.


Vision and Mission

In accord with the mission of the School of Medicine, the Department of Anatomy will provide high quality teaching of Anatomical Sciences to Medical Students and other students in other faculties as needed.  The Department will conduct basic research and will foster an intellectual environment that encourages a sense of inquiry.  The Department will carry out its service responsibilities to the University and to other Medical schools in K.S.A.

To help achieve these goals, the Department will maintain a working environment conducive to the professional and personal well-being of every member of the Department, and it will promote academic relationships with other Colleges and Departments that will help achieve the goals of teaching and research excellence at K.S.U University –College of Medicine.



Chairman of Anatomy Department

                          Title: Chairman of Anatomy Department

                          Name: Dr. Abdullah Al-Dahmash

                          Tel: 46-70811


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