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The utmost function of General Surgery division is to ensure the provision of high quality, comprehensive Specialist General Surgical services to the Saudi community. The division members shall ensure promotion of specialist training, continuing professional development, and self auditing.



General surgery division will strive to:
Ensure Unparalleled service and patient experience
Promote and support education and training programs that produce Specialist General Surgeons of the highest professional standard
Be responsible for Specialist General Surgical training, to the level of Fellowship of Saudi council for medical specialties.
Promote research into Specialist General Surgical disorders, and advancing the knowledge of how such disorders are manage



Our values are our organizational code of conduct and signify what we stand for. We shall strive to meet what these values represent. They are the guiding principles that serve as the foundation for everything we think, say and do.

Serving our community is an honor that we are privileged to have. The excel of our service is through the growth and flourishing of our sensitivity to the needs of those who we serve.

Will create a great place to work and practice Together to have One team, with one goal - to be one Great Health System, Always!

Attitude and Courtesy
We are a "can do" team. We understand that people walking through our doors are often going through a stressful time and we are grateful for the opportunities that are presented each and every day. Through positive energy We will go the extra mile to help both patients and their loved ones, to ensure them that we can, and we will, meet their needs.

We are committed to our community the highest standards of respect, patient safety and clinical excellence. We will do no harm. Do it right - Do it now.
"We Care, therefore, We Serve"